Monday, May 5, 2014

Racism and stereotypes are not acceptable!

So this week I heard about Dani Alves (brazilian soccer player) being thrown a banana while playing with FC Barcelona, the owner of the LA Clippers saying to his mistress to not be seen with black people and some Boston fans being racist against P.K Subban, and I got fed up, then I took a deep breath and told myself how I can comment on Dani Alves did, by eating a banana. So I sat at my kitchen's table and I ate a biologic ecuadorian banana (the best bananas btw)...and thought that in 2014 racist slurs should not be accepted...not anymore!!! 

Sadly in my family there are racist persons, since I cannot delete them from my DNA, I can challenge them in my arguments on why they are racist and confront them. You know when someone says he's not racist but will never accept to have a black family is racism. I decided with my boyfriend who is my soul mate, that we will adopt a child, with a darker skin than him and I...and if someone in my family keeps being racist, it will not have any contact with us anymore. And I am not kidding, I will not adopt only to prove myself, but because that's what I always wanted to do . Even my mom can confirm that when I was a little girl, I always drew a dark skinned baby saying that I will have one this color...I was a kid!

It is disgusting that in 2014, we judge people on their skin BEFORE judging their capabilities, education, judgment, etc. And I am not talking about white racists, I am talking about all racists, no matter the country or color, it is not acceptable. Living in a country like Canada, where there's a big melting pot of origins, we should be ashamed to have so little minorities involved in important aspects or our society. Try not to judge people on their skin or origins, because if you knew about my family or origins you would be surprise I even finished my B.B.A and not having a child before 20...Try not to let your stereotypes influence your first impression on a person with a different background than yours...Just look at the video below and tell me it is not true that even woman are treated differently in business...I am a woman in business and I am not bossy, I am a leader ;)

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