Saturday, February 15, 2014


With my chemotherapy treatments every 2 weeks, I have plenty of time to watch movies on Netflix. Tonight I decided to watch a documentary of a person I knew his story but never look more into it because Bernie Madoff was worse than him. The documentary "Unraveled' interviews Marc Dreier, the successful lawyer of NYC who stole $400 million from edge funds, and like he says, only 26 victims, but also bankrupt his law firm where 250 persons had a full time job. The documentary in itself its pretty good because you can see him talk 50 days before his sentence hearing in his $10 million Manhattan apartment, because he was lucky enough to be in house arrest. The way he talks you can see he is remorseful, because of the pain and shame he caused to his kids, but he always keeps talking about how tempting it was and how hard it was to stop the Ponzi scheme. At that moment, I was furious of listening to  him talk because he is convince that he wasn't worse than the others who were caught (Bernie Madoff is the worst kind of father and crook because he never show remorse and wanted to keep some of the properties he had by stealing to people) but you cannot be remorseful like this. When a police officer gives you a ticket you don't tell him/her you were speeding less than others, what is this kind of accountability? You cannot do bad things because other people do it, you cannot show remorse if you compare your bad actions to others, this is not someone mature would do. Overall, I gave this documentary a 7/10, and I'm happy he got 20 years in prison instead of the 12 years he was hoping...$400 million is a lot of money. Honesty is so expensive these days...

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