Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lone Survivor

This weekend I was in Montreal to visit friends and family before my next chemo on Wednesday. We were supposed to go see American Hustle but no seats were available. We decided to still go watch Lone survivor, I movie I didn't want to see and I will tell you why. My husband, well we are not married yet but it feels like it, is a newly retired sergeant from the Canadian Forces. In 2010, he went to Afghanistan 8 months while I was finishing my undergrad degree in business. He was in the infantry, so he had to fight, shoot, walk long distances for the second time of his life. When we met, he asked me: you know I might go back to Afghanistan, will you still love me and be there for me? I told him:" Yes, if I don't try I cannot tell you no, and if I love you, I can wait for you." It was hard emotionally, stressful for me but he was so courageous and confident of his capabilities, that I had no choice of trusting him and letting him go to war. The movie is full of courageous moments and faithful moments, my husband wasn't in an extreme situation like in the movie, but still he was at war. This episode of our lives made us stronger, and made me realize how much I love my husband. I was so stressed during the movie, its a weird feeling because you know the movie is a true story and I'm watching it with a war veteran! At the end of the movie Mark Walhberg says:" you are never out of the fight." And then I realize, when I'll be cancer free, I will never stop raising awareness for my sisters and brothers in the same fight as me. I will never give up during my treatments, no matter how hard it can be physically and sometimes mentally when I don't feel beautiful as before. Cancer is not going to take who I am and change it, no fucking way. I am going to beat cancer and raise awareness and participate in fund raisers for the rest of my life. When we were going home my husband told me: "Baby, you know I was train to fight, the guys in the movie too, you were not train to fight cancer and you are so courageous, that is courage my love and I am so proud of you." I felt so happy, words like these are so good for my soul, I didn't regret to see the movie, and I recommend it, specially if you know a veteran or a soldier that fights for our values and security, these men and women are courageous.

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