Thursday, January 2, 2014


Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was following HONY...or Humans of New York. I have a deep admiration towards Brandon because he decided to take pictures of people in NYC and share their stories, without thinking he would be famous at 29 years old! Brandon Stanton is not only young like me but sees the world differently. He portrays New Yorkers with their stories, some sad, some unbelievable and some funny or happy. HONY is one of the reason why I wanted to go public with my battle. I know I am not alone battling cancer (breast cancer) and losing my hair and some of my confidence at 25 years old. You know how people can be bully sometimes, well even if you have cancer there are certain stereotypes you have to fight. Being a young woman receiving chemotherapy can be intimidating, but I prefer not to think about the stereotypes and think about how many lives I can change while going public with my battle. Humans of New York puts everything in perspective to me, people share their stories but without those stories no one could have known who this person's story was. Thank you Brandon for enlightening my days, and now that I will have free time to be on HONY all day(lmao), I hope you will continue.

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